Epsom Salts for all Skin Types

From personal health and relaxation to gardening, White Egret's Epsom Salts have a wide variety of uses and contain the highest quality pharmaceutical grade epsom salt available. These crystals can help sooth aches, remove odors, soften rough skin, and provide a magnesium boost. White Egret's Epsom Salts can even be used in the garden to boost plant growth. 

Bath Crystals for Relaxation

Luxuriate in a whole-body cleanse with these premium quality crystals that dissolve easily in water. White Egret Bath Crystals can help balance, detoxify, and nourish your skin. White Egret's Bath Crystals contain over 72 ionic sea minerals from Utah's ancient inland sea, the Great Salt Lake. These minerals help sooth, soften, and beautify the look and feel of your skin.