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White Egret Launches New Epsom Salt Products

Roy, Utah, 1/2/2024 — White Egret, a leading provider of ear candles and mineral skincare, has announced two new products launching this year: Recovery and Skin Therapy Epsom Salt. White Egret (WE) is a long-standing company with a history of providing top quality natural skincare utilizing minerals from Utah’s ancient inland sea, the Great Salt Lake. WE started their line of Pharmaceutical Grade Epsom Salts in 2015. Now, the company plans to further expand their line by adding two new salts. “We wanted to build upon what we already have, keeping our same standard of quality while bringing in something new and fresh,” says Austin Bideaux, president of the company.

White Egret’s Recovery Epsom Salt is infused with a blend of organic peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. This combination of oils helps to sooth sore muscles, rejuvenate the body, ease headaches, and heal damaged skin. This combined with the magnesium present in the salts makes it great for post-workout recovery and everyday use.

White Egret’s Skin Therapy Epsom Salt is infused with organic coconut oil and lime essential oil. Coconut oil helps lighten dark spots on the skin, moisturize skin and hair, and adds a natural shine to hair. The lime essential oils help to ease anxiety and stress, relaxes the body, and helps to boost energy levels.
Both products are currently available for wholesale and retail. Visit the company’s website or give them a call 800.309.3277 for more information.


White Egret has been a leading provider of personal care products for nearly 40 years. White Egret manufactures the highest quality Ear Candles and a focused line of ionic trace mineral-based skin care products from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. These all-naturally occurring minerals provide support and nourishment for the skin. White Egret has a money-back guarantee on each product in their line and is continually striving to inform and educate consumers about the benefits of alternative resources that enhance our personal well-being.

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