About Us


White Egret is one of the original ear candling companies here in the US.  In 2001 Trace Minerals Research (TMR) bought White Egret (WE) and moved it from Texas to the great shores of Salt Lake City, Utah.  After ten years of successful growth and extending a mineral skincare line, WE was then bought by the General Manager of TMR, Ryan Fisher alongside his wife, Ranae. They relocated WE to a warehouse in the city of Ogden and promoted another ten years of success.  

As of January 1, 2023, WE’s General Manager, Austin Bideaux alongside his wife, Stephanie, became current owners of WE.  Austin has been with the company since 2004 and has enjoyed working in the natural industry and has helped assist the growth of this company firsthand.  Stephanie is a certified footzoner with a passion for original healing practices that started when their oldest son had several allergic reactions to antibiotics leading to alternative ways to heal.  

WE is a cGMP certified company with a money back guarantee. WE are fully engaged in helping people see and change their way of living for a better self by providing them with superior quality products in the natural industry.